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New Phrase Expanding

by Eric Barnes on Mar/11/2014

We are always striving to speed up your workflow in Snappy and today we are proud to release a new feature to make inserting phrases faster.


When you start typing your phrase a select list pops up allowing you to filter and to select the one you are looking for. This helps keep spelling mistakes to a minimum and refreshes your memory.

This expects your phrases to start with a semicolon ";" and only phrases that start with this will show in the list.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do!

Campaign Monitor Integration

by Eric Barnes on Jan/31/2014

Snappy includes a Campaign Monitor App that will allow you to subscribe contacts into a list you specify.

You can set this up inside the "Apps" section of Snappy. Here is the setup form:


After it's setup any time a new contact is created they are automatically pushed into your Campaign Monitor list.

This can be useful in a variety of situations and one of the most common use cases is for teams to email customer service surveys. By having all the contacts in a list you get all the tools Campaign Monitor offers including scheduling, A/B testing, and hundreds more.

HipChat Integration

by Eric Barnes on Jan/30/2014

Snappy includes a HipChat integration that will allow you to automatically push tickets and wall posts to your chat room.

You can set this up inside the "Apps" section of Snappy. Here is the setup form:


Once a customer replies to a ticket that has the tag it will notify your HipChat room:


The same works for new wall posts too:


Batch Tagging

by Eric Barnes on Jan/22/2014

Managing tags across tickets in Snappy has been a pain, and we are proud to introduce a new batch tagging feature to make this a breeze. Now you can easily add and remove tags on multiple tickets with just a few clicks.

Batch Tagging

The way it works is by clicking the batch tag icon in the footer. Then selecting the tickets you want to change, next you can add new tags and/or remove existing tags. This way you can quickly make adjustments without having to go into each ticket as was the case before.

Custom Domains

by Eric Barnes on Jan/17/2014

We are proud to release another new feature for Snappy. We have had a lot of requests for the ability to use your own subdomains in the faqs and today we have rolled this feature out.


You can find full instructions on how to set this up in our faq. Basically it's as simple as pointing a CNAME to your current faqs.

By combining the custom domains with the recent changes the faq is a pretty powerful feature.